Drive Farther than Ever With Ram

We all know that Ram makes some of the longest lasting trucks in the industry. However, not everyone puts it to the test. How far do you plan on driving your Ram 2500? 100,000 miles? 150,000 miles?

What about 600,000 miles?

A Ram driver named Lynda has put over 600,000 miles on her Ram 2500. More specifically, she has 602,325 miles on her odometer, and has no sign of stopping any time soon. That's quite a distance. To put that in perspective, that's the same as driving from New York to LA 215 times. It's the same as driving around the world 24 times. In fact, it's the same as driving to the moon... and back, although driving a Ram 2500 to the moon would be its own achievement.

You might not put 602,325 miles on your Ram 2500. However, you can if you want to. Ram trucks are some of the most capable and reliable around. Just ask Lynda; no one knows trucks like Ram.

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